In the abstract of her article, “Zika Response Disadvantaged Before Outbreak Began: A Perspective” published recently in, Assistant Professor with the Department of Pathobiological Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine at Louisiana State University, Rebecca Christofferson, PhD writes:

Zika virus is the latest emergent virus to cause significant morbidity and mortality, despite being identified over half a century prior. Characterization of lesser-known pathogens should not hinge upon their outbreak status, as was the case with Zika virus. This relative inattention has put the scientific and medical communities at a disadvantage, especially with the apparent congenital effects. Stable and robust surveillance systems are needed in order to provide early warning systems for public health response readiness.

Dr. Christofferson joined me for an interview on the Outbreak News This Week Radio Show to discuss her thesis and what could be done to prevent, or get ahead of “the next big thing”.

LISTEN to the interview below:

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