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In Japan, officials in Kumamoto Prefecture report a Japanese encephalitis (JE) case in a man in his 70s from Tamana County this past week. This is the first confirmed case in Japan this year,


According to the Prefectural Health Crisis Management Division, the man had a fever and symptoms of dysarthria, including slurred speech, and visited a medical institution on 4 Sep 2023. His respiratory condition also worsened, and a positive test was confirmed on 21 Sep 2023.

According to the prefecture, Japanese encephalitis is spread by mosquitoes from infected pigs, causing symptoms such as high fever and convulsions, and even death in cases of infection in children and the elderly, but it cannot be spread from person to person.

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A Japanese encephalitis advisory was issued for the entire prefecture on 27 Jul 2023. People are urged to take measures such as wearing long sleeves and long pants and using insect repellent to avoid mosquito bites, and eliminating puddles that are a breeding ground for mosquitoes.


In 2022, five JE were reported in Japan, including three cases and one death from Kumamoto Prefecture.

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