On this past Sunday’s show, I spent the better part of the hour discussing chronic Lyme disease and the multi-layers of issues surrounding it with author of the upcoming book, Lyme Madness™, Lori Dennis, MA, RP.

Lyme Madness Image/Lori Dennis
Lyme Madness
Image/Lori Dennis

In addition to being a writer, Lori is a Registered Psychotherapist and the mother of an adult son who has been suffering from Chronic Lyme Disease for more than four years.

Dennis talked about the complexity of the disease and the problems encountered for sufferers to include the medical establishment, the media and the politics.

Lyme Madness™ is a memoir and a cautionary tale chronicling their journey from diagnosis to treatment to healing. Lori shares the stories of many Lyme sufferers and advocates along the way. And she explains the challenges and obstacles that they have met up with along the way.

Lyme Madness™ will be available at the end of August 2016 on Amazon

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