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In a press release from the Mureș Public Health Directorate Friday (computer translated):

On 21.08.2023, the Mureș Public Health Directorate was informed by telephone, by the specialist staff of the Department of Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive Microsurgery of the Târgu Mureș Emergency County Clinical Hospital, regarding the suspicion of infection with Bacillus anthracis in three men.


Following the specific actions carried out, the epidemiological investigation carried out so far has highlighted the following:

  • out of 3 people considered suspicious, two were hospitalized at the Târgu Mureș Emergency County Clinical Hospital and one at the Mureș County Clinical Hospital.
  • The bacteriological examination of the integumentary biopsy fragment taken at that time did not confirm the infection with Bacillus anthracis.
  • for additional investigations, biological samples were collected and sent to the National Institute of Medical-Military Research-Development Cantacuzino Bucharest, where the results of the RT-PCR examination of the biopsy fragment taken from the first 2 suspicious cases were positive, confirming the presence of Bacillus anthracis. Bacteriological and serological examinations were negative.

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  • the infection with the etiological agent was local, at the skin level, without systemic dissemination. The clinical evolution is good, all 3 cases being discharged.
  • both patients participated in the slaughter and slaughtering of a cattle. The result of the samples taken and sent for examination to the Bucharest Animal Health and Diagnostic Institute was positive.
  • in addition to the 3 cases mentioned above, during the epidemiological investigation, another 20 people were identified who possessed meat or meat products from the respective animal. All these people have been medically monitored and so far do not show symptoms of illness.

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