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According to Binh Dinh Department of Health, from the beginning of January to the beginning of February 2023, the whole province recorded a total of 312 cases of dengue fever, with over 70 new dengue cases recorded in one week, dozens of districts recorded received a case. Currently, there has been an outbreak of dengue fever in Vinh Hao commune (Vinh Thanh district, Binh Dinh).


Localities with many dengue patients in Binh Dinh include: Tuy Phuoc district (36 cases); City. Quy Nhon (33 cases); An Nhon (46 cases); Hoai Nhon (34 cases); Tay Son (47 cases); Vinh Thanh (39 cases)…

Facing the dengue epidemic situation, the local health sector has directed the Centers for Disease Control and Health Centers of districts, towns and cities to immediately strengthen dengue prevention measures.

Many medical staff have also been trained in the treatment and diagnosis of dengue fever in order to detect, treat, and transfer in time to prevent severe changes.

After the Lunar New Year, in areas with dengue fever cases in Binh Dinh, people and health workers carried out killing larvae, cleaning, clearing bushes near their residences to destroy the living environment. mosquito shelter. However, some people are still subjective that at the beginning of the year, dengue fever is not a cause for concern.

Mr. Huu Cuong (a resident of Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh) said that, as in previous years, the number of dengue fever cases usually recorded in the middle to the end of the year is high, so now some households have not paid attention to it. to the prevention of dengue fever, especially in areas with many camps and construction sites.

In fact, for many years, dengue fever in Binh Dinh province is still complicated, so epidemic prevention and control needs to be actively and persistently implemented right from the beginning of the year.

On February 6, talking with PV of Health and Life Newspaper, Dr. Le Quang Hung – Director of Binh Dinh Department of Health said: “The number of dengue cases early this year was scattered in many areas of Binh Dinh. Right before and after the Lunar New Year, we have directed the implementation well. Dengue epidemic surveillance, detecting which outbreaks are immediately handled within 48 hours Besides, a plan of active chemical spraying has been established in the dengue fever key areas, and propagandize to households on how to prevent epidemics so that people are not subjective and limit the increase in new dengue cases.

The local health sector has also directed the Binh Dinh Center for Disease Control to immediately supply mosquito-killing chemicals to lower-level units to actively spray and kill mosquitoes right from the facility. Treatment is also ready, medical facilities at all levels work together very smoothly, and hospitals at higher levels give priority to treating serious patients.”

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