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In a follow-up on an earlier report, provincial Minister of Health in Sud-Ubangi, in the north-west of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Malachie Adugbia Likundu said more than 300 measles cases have been recorded in in the health zone of Budjala.

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In addition, the cases of measles recorded in the health zone of Budjala are distributed in 6 health structures namely: Kengele 142 cases, Bishopric 60 cases, Ngwenze 16 cases, Tamonzombe 89 cases, Kutu 18 cases and finally 32 cases at Budjala General Referral Hospital. This makes a total of 357 cases of this epidemic in the said health zone.

As a reminder, arrangements are underway to launch the measles vaccination campaign in the province of Sud-Ubangi precisely in the affected health zones to protect the population against this epidemic.

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Measles has resurfaced in 4 of the 16 health zones in Sud-Ubangi province. These are the health zones of Gemena, Budjala, Bulu and Ndage.