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The latest report from the General Directorate of Health Surveillance in Paraguay indicates a progressive increase in cases of chikungunya.


In the three epidemiological weeks evaluated (SE1, SE2, SE3) this year, a total of 5,625 cases of chikungunya and 37 of dengue were recorded.

“Looking at the accumulated data of the last three weeks, we have almost 6,000 confirmed cases of this disease and if we look only at the last epidemiological week we have 1,141 cases of chikungunya and 7 of dengue. We probably have a larger record of chikungunya cases, because many of the cases no longer confirm when there are patients at home, they are asymptomatic, or mild cases”, explained Dr. Guillermo Sequera.

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He also mentioned that chikungunya cases continue to expand outside the epicenter, which are Central and Asunción, to other neighboring departments, such as Cordillera, Paraguarí, Presidente Hayes, Concepción, Alto Paraguay, among others.

“The problem is in the metropolitan area, it began in the north, in the cities of Mariano Roque Alonso and Limpio, then it descended to other municipalities. In the metropolitan area, it initially affected neighborhoods such as Zeballos Cue, Botánico, Loma Pytã and Trinidad, then it spread to practically all the neighborhoods of Asunción, there is not one that does not have chikungunya ”, he remarked.

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Regarding hospitalizations, he said that 71 people are hospitalized, of which 59 are in the common room and 12 in intensive care. Likewise, he reported the death of five people due to chikungunya, among whom three are women and two are men. 

“Of the five deceased, four were over 60 years old, and one was 34 years old with diabetes mellitus. On this point, I would like to emphasize that people are arriving very dehydrated at the service, especially those over 70 years of age. Everything is done that is possible, but it is important to accompany them, urge them to drink water and not become dehydrated, in addition to consulting time, that is fundamental”, he remarked.