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To date, dengue fever has spread to many districts/cities in Lam Dong and Dak Lak, resulting in many cases with severe disease, according to the Ministry of Health (MOH). Medical facilities must make every effort to provide timely treatment to minimize the mortality rate.


According to the Department of Health of Lam Dong, as of September 27, there were 2,967 cases, an increase of 2,572 cases compared to the same period in 2021. Many districts have a sudden increase, typically: Da Teh district has 410 dengue cases, an increase of 217 cases compared to 2021; Duc Trong district has 423 cases, an increase of 406 cases compared to 2021; City. Bao Loc has 512 cases, an increase of 456 compared to 2021; Di Linh district has 540 cases, an increase of 517 compared to 2021.

On September 27, Lam Dong also recorded a case of death from dengue fever in village 3, Doan Ket commune, Da Huoai district.

Like Lam Dong, the number of dengue fever cases increased dramatically in Dak Lak. By the end of September, more than 6,000 cases of dengue fever had been recorded. Dengue fever epidemic appeared in all 15 districts, towns and cities of Dak Lak province. In which, many areas recorded a high number of dengue cases such as: Ho Chi Minh City. Buon Ma Thuot; Krong Pac; Ea H’leo; Ea Kar; Krong Bong.

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According to the Central Highlands General Hospital (in Dak Lak), the hospital has just recorded one more dengue patient death, bringing the total number of dengue patients who have died in Dak Lak to 9 people.

Nationally, Vietnam has reported 236,730 cases of dengue fever, including 98 deaths this year to date, according to the MOH.